“Innovation China” is a series of international conferences hosted by Shanghai Strategic Emerging Industries Foundation (SEIF), a Not-For-Profit organization whose mission is to bridge the East and West on emerging industries, and promote open innovation and open entrepreneurship.

With "innovation and entrepreneurship" as its core theme, each "Innovation China" conference has invited thought leaders from academics, executives of Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, venture capitalists and government departments to discuss, debate and share and generate new ideas on latest trends on one industry sector. It is a platform for connecting MNCs and start-ups, Chinese and foreign enterprises, capital and technology.

Innovation China 2016’s theme is “Advanced Manufacturing”, in which government institutes, multinational companies, start-ups and investors are invited to collectively probe and share insights on:
• What’s the role of government? What’s the business model for government-industry partnerships in China and in the US?
• What opportunities do start-ups have in core technology of advanced manufacturing (materials, technology, equipment), and in information fields (data, analytics, networking)?
• How should start-ups work with MNCs and realize open innovation for MNCs and open entrepreneurship for start-ups?
• What kind of opportunities and challenges are there for venture capital investing in this sector?
• What can Chinese start-ups and SMEs learn from abroad?
• In which areas can China become a leader worldwide? In technology or business model?

The conference will also invite four start-ups in advanced manufacturing both at home and abroad to share their stories.

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